Safa Dhaouedi (Tunisia) – 17 years old

Safa Dhaouedi is a high School student, a scout girl and member of Interact Club Mannouba Leksour. She is also a volunteer at the American Corner. Safa loves books and enjoy writing and camping.

” I feel a little bit lost sometimes and I start questioning my educational choices and worry too much ..a mentor’s perspective would help me think outside the box and figure out what I want. Being mentored by Aya would be the greatest honor that could happen to me ..she is a a successful brave person and i consider her as a role model and like that famous activist said ‘she will not only shape the future of tunisia but will shape the future of all Africa ‘so it wouldn’t be so hard for her to shape me ! haha”




Arij Hammouda  (Tunisia) – 17 years old


Arij hamouda is a high school student. She is a bookworm who loves Physics and History. As an African Arab,  her biggest hope is to preserve her identity and her country‘s culture in today’s overly-globalized world . She firmly believes that everyone is problematic in his own way but acknowledging it is the bravest choice one could make .

AhmedAziz Balghouthi (Tunisia) – 21 years old

Ahmed is a third year undergraduate student In the Higher institute of Industrial management ISGIS studying Management of industrial systems. Ahmed also is a member founder of “the wonder club”, he held the seat of the club’s representative within the Administration and responsible for public relations. This summer Ahmed worked for bio-Life Corporation, by having an integral role in the planning for further strategies, he gained a comprehensive overview of different organization’s facilities and their interactions. Outside of work and academics, Ahmed attended several youth empowerment workshops such as “American corner’s youth weekly inspirational talk”, he was present in several youth movements as well, such as protests organized by the students Union claiming for several rights.

Maroi Ech-Charkaouy (Morocco) – 24 years old

Maroi holds a Masters Degree in Translations and looking forward to apply for a Phd. Along with her studies, she is an active member in social work and association’s works. She recieved three YouthPasses from different projects within the ERASMUS+ that specializes in Social Entrepreneurship andRefugees/Immigrants, she also recieved trainings in Citizen Journalism from both Glogbal Girl Media and Yala School of Citizen Journalism.

She is a project coordinator in the Mediterranean Youth Forum and GlobalGirl Media Morocco. She was the Morocco chapter coordinator of Yala Young Leaders where she helped trained youth from the MENA region in citizen journalism. Maroi is a peace activist and she took part of many peace and religions’ dialogue with Yala Young Leaders, The Muslim Jewish Conference and Mimouna association. She is working on starting her own association in Morocco which will focus on Youth and Women.



Fatima Hallal (Lebanon) – 21 years old

Fatima is a peace advocate and youth activist. She has been an active volunteer in the Lebanese civil
society with a multi-membership in nongovernmental and international organizations. Fatima’s effort focuses on projects that address diversity, social inclusion, access to education and youth mobility especially in the MENA region. She was awarded a full scholarship to study international affairs at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, and recently she has been awarded a scholarship for graduate degree in peace-building in the United States. Fatima is also a MEPI Student Leaders alumnus at Georgetown University. In 2016 she was awarded the Spirit of Service Award from her university, and in 2015 she was selected as volunteer of the year from local volunteering community. Fatima seeks to become a leading academic researcher in her field; she envisions more inclusive future for youth in the MENA region.



Basma Yahya (Egypt) – 21 years old

Basma is a fifth year medical student at Al-Azhar University of Cairo. She is passionate about community work; she is a member at the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA). She is currently working as public relations at IFMSA-Egypt. She has been the representative of IFMSA-Egypt in different events and with many UN agencies. She is a UNICEF trainer on HIV/AIDS and participated at the World Aids Day celebration 2016 organized by UNAIDS MENA regional office at the league of Arab states in Cairo. She was also a member of the IFMSA international campaign on HIV/AIDS 2016. She is currently working as an intern at centre for intercultural dialogue and translation.

Zeinab Salah Kabiel (Egypt)

Zeinab Salah studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at The American University in Cairo. She also has a minor in Psychology and has developed an interest in Community Psychology and Social Entrepreneurship. She currently works as a marketing specialist in Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation. She has worked as a research assistant at the AUC. She has also participated as a trainer in a project that enhances occupational success for lower income individuals hosted by the non-profit organization “Alashanek Ya Balady for Sustainable Development”. Moreover, she was a field/Local coordinator in U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative in Suez, Egypt. She has also participated in different conferences and leadership programs abroad to boost her skills and knowledge like “Preparing Global Leaders Academy” in Jordan, and “The Global Engagement Summit” in the U.S. She was also selected to be one of the Sawiris Scholars to participate in an exchange program at The University of Chicago for one year.



Fideline Mboringong (Cameroon) -28 years old

Fideline has a Masters in International Relations from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon and Ca Foscari in Italy. She is an environment, education and gender advocate. She is passionate about environment protection, community development, empowering girls and youth. She has over 8 years of experience in community service and has actively developed and executed projects on development, education, environment, gender and sexual reproductive health. She is HerStory Campaign Partnership Coordinator for Cameroon. An initiative that supports girls in creating lives of freedom and fulfillment through dynamic mentorship. She is also a member of the CIVICUS Youth Action Team, TheirWorld Global Youth Ambassador. She volunteers for Afrika Youth Movement (AYM), a pan-African, action- oriented, youth-led movement that believes in the active participation and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to peace and social justice.


Richard Kweitsu

Richard Kweitsu is a Mo Ibrahim Scholar at the University of Birmingham pursuing MSC
International Development (Governance and State Building). He had his undergraduate
degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana
where he read Political Science. After his undergraduate studies, he worked for a year as
a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of History and Political Studies at
KNUST. In 2015, he ventured briefly into the private sector where he was a partner of a
start-up company, Kurdle Limited. He was the Managing Director at Kurdle Limited
between December 2015 and July 2016 before resigning to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of Birmingham. He is a founding member and the first president of Ada Students Union, a non-profit, voluntary association of young tertiary students from his District who are using their rare privilege of attaining higher education to inspire the upcoming generation.