2017-  Nesrine Arous  (Tunisia)

Nesrine Arous is an English teacher and researcher from Tunisia. Growing up, she developed the habit of reading Anglophone books and novels. She decided to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later, she attended the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sfax, where she received multiple academic awards.

Nesrine, participated in the school annual “Public Speaking Contest” and won twice. In 2015, she graduated in English Language, Literature and Civilization, as a top-ranked student in the English Department. In the same year, she participated in a summer school in Ankara (Turkey) for a one-month internship.

Currently, Nesrine is pursuing her Masters’ studies in Linguistics while working as an English instructor in a private school. She started creative writing, a habit she expressed with keen enthusiasm. She likes to write about different issues such as feminism, parenting and education.