My Experience with Y-PHEM
January 26, 2018
Parmi les Quatorze Portraits de Femmes Extraordinaires par L’Initiative “Pionnières” du collectif Mercoeur
March 13, 2018

Creating platforms for women and youth to be heard

When asked about her vision for a world where gender equality is a reality, Aya Chebbi sees “a world where women own their own narratives, because our struggle is a struggle for voice.”

Aya was born in Dahmani, yet spent her childhood years in 6 different cities in Tunisia, following her father who served 40 years in the Tunisian Armed Forces. Very young, she experienced patriarchal abuse, violence and discrimination, and has since then carried out her childhood traumas and turned them into resistance, fights and search for liberation.

“Feminism is not about dividing society on the basis of gender. It is actually about uniting society to thrive in equality, unity and collaboration”. More


  1. Reece says:

    You are a very impressive person. The work you are doing is admirable. I would like to have regular updates from you, regarding Africa and the development of Africa.

  2. Salem says:

    So beautiful I want to connect with her

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