The Africa I want is where we own our narratives because our struggle is a struggle for voice
The Africa I want is where we value our youth as divers not subjects of development 
The Africa I want is where transnational solidarity liberate us
The Africa I want is where the Sahara is a place to bridge us not to divide us

Theory of Change

Radicalization: I radicalize youth into Pan-Africanism; because youth today are exposed into violent spaces, misogynist, discriminatory and racist spaces. I provide alternative transnational solitaire spaces of belonging that are nonviolent, inclusive, empowering to find purpose of voice, self-love and act as a community of changemakers.

Revolution: I come from a generation that started the first 21st century peaceful revolutions, a generation that changed the course of history, and the way we use technology and access information, a youth movement that showed the world how to organise in new ways of activism and the way forward to our revolution is decolonization.

Liberation: Political solidarity manifested in the liberation movements in the face of colonial powers, now our solidarity needs to be in the face of patriarchy because patriarchy thrives in corruption, occupation, capitalism, exploitation and abuse, because there is no pan-Africanism without feminism. I believe my liberation is your liberation when privileges of accessibility become rights for all.


Boards & Committees


Youngest Commissioner,

Oxfam High-Level Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct





Youngest Councillor, World Refugee Council





Board Member, CIVICUS Board of Directors





Youngest member, Fight Inequality Alliance Steering Committee





Advisor, FRIDA Young Feminist Fund





Advisor, World Peace Initiative Foundation





Member, United Network of Young Peacebuilders International Steering Group





Board Member, American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford

Engaging with World Leaders

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