I was always a rebel who stood up for my rights
August 1, 2018
PanAfrican TV Interview 2018
August 14, 2018

The Leading Pan-African Activist

Africa is a young continent because a large population of its people are youth. The future of the continent lies on the power of the youth hence the youth must be prepared for this task.

Aya Chebbi is a name shaking up the activism scene in Africa. She is the founder of Afrika Youth Movement, one of Africa’s largest pan-African youth movements

Aya Chebbi  is an award-winning Pan-African feminist, renowned blogger and internationally acclaimed Tunisian activist. She previously worked as Africa and Middle East Programs Director at World Peace Initiative Foundation, at Bureau de Cooperation Tunisie-Denmark of the Danish Foreign Affairs Ministry on bilateral cooperation, and at the Carter Center monitoring 2012 Egyptian Presidential Elections.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors of CIVICUS, the World Refugee Council, Oxfam Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct and the Advisory Committee of FRIDA Young Feminist Fund.

She has been an Advisor and Consultant on gender and youth for international organizations including the United Nations and the African Union Commission…. More

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