UN Letter of Endorsement

Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

Following the nomination of Ms. Aya CHEBBI for the position of United Nations (UN) Secretary General Envoy on Youth, we are honored to endorse her candidature.

Ms. Chebbi has successful experiences with governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society across the three pillars of the UN’s mission: peace and security, human rights and development. She has demonstrated an example of servant leadership by maximizing strategic partnerships, digital and membership resource mobilization. As the Chair of Afrika Youth Movement (AYM). She has given direction to the movement and raised the impact and engagement to reach over 5,000 members in 40 countries across Africa and the diaspora.  She works tirelessly to create such spaces where youth can add their voices to international discourse on the implementation of the Global Goals.

Chebbi’s vision for the Envoy office focuses on three major areas. (1) Prevention; with focus on peace and security, humanitarian action and preventing violent extremism, building upon the efforts of the former envoy to also promote UNSC 2250 resolution. (2) Holistic Empowerment; focused on civic engagement, education, employment, women’s empowerment and youth participation in the development agenda and decision making as well as self-development to address the needs of youth constituencies across the globe. (3) Protection; focused on advocacy to protect youth rights including migrants, refugees, people with disabilities, indigenous populations and young women.

Aya aspires to be a bridge and trust builder by linking the youth with member states, regional institutions and the UN by initiating an intergenerational dialogue at the heart of the UN and institutionalize youth involvement by establishing the UN Permanent Forum on Youth. She also aspires to be a convener of more result-oriented and inclusive convenings for youth with rigorous accountability mechanisms. Besides, she aspires to be an action catalyser by strengthening partnerships.

It is useful to recall that the appointment of Aya Chebbi would have a symbolic aspect, a young Tunisian woman who calls for peaceful change. Aya embodies the intersection between Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. She is knowledgeable of the different cultural and geographical contexts and plays an important role as a connector and mediator across ethnicities and faiths.

We endorse, without any reservations, the nomination of Aya Chebbi to the position of UN Envoy on Youth. Ms. Chebbi’s accomplishments, commitment to youth advocacy and sense of global citizenship that can articulate a story of hope for the most marginalized, make her the perfect candidate for this role. We firmly believe that if she is selected, she will carry out her mandate in unparalleled way by her peers.


Yours sincerely,

Mo Ibrahim Foundation (international)

CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation (international)

The Rockefeller Foundation (international)

Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa (international)

Crans Montana Forum (Switzerland)

The United Nations Youth Association Network (UNYANET) – International

IraQueer – Sweden

Palestinian League for Human Rights (Syria)

The Voice of Women Initiative (international)

Afrika Youth Movement (international)

FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund (international)

Development Perspectives (international)

Terra-1530  (an umbrella for 18 organization)


I Watch (Tunisia)

Al Bawsala (Tunisia)

La Toile des Associations pour le Civisme et le Développement (Tunisia)

L’ Association Tunisienne de Culture Amazigh (North Africa Amazigh)

Coexistence with Alternative Language and Action Movement (Africa)

TAAN – Tunisian American Alumni Network (Tunisia)

Free Sight Association (Tunisia)

I Dare For Sustainable Development (Jordan)

AfricansRising Movement (International)

WPI– World Peace Initiative Foundation (Thailand)

Reproductive Health & Rights Institute (Sudan)

IDebate (Tunisia)

l’Association de la Gouvernance Locale Tunisie

Forum de la Jeunesse et de la Citoyenneté (Kasserie – Tunisia)

Web Fondation (International)

SEIWU Economic Improvement Workers Union (Swaziland)

Wote Youth Development Project (kenya)

One African child (Kenya)

Builders of the African Dream (Ghana)

Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (UNFT)- Tunisia

Grade Management– UK

TUN’ACT -Tunisia

Not 4 Trade Organization – منظمة لسنا للاتجار



Huffington Post (French) https://goo.gl/7eZiWj

Al Chahed (Arabic) https://goo.gl/T48XsW

Hakaek Online (Arabic) https://goo.gl/ygYFGQ

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  1. IraQueer is an Iraqi / Kurdish LGBT+ organization registered in Sweden.

  2. Aye is a perfect candidate for the position of UN Youth Envoy – she is a role model in many forms.

  3. Mercy jelimo says:

    She is a great advocate for young people. As a young person who is a woman, Aya’s appointment will help in setting our sights higher .

  4. Marwa Atallah says:

    Go Aya Go! Best of luck!

  5. Chantal says:

    You got my full support for this dear, I have no doubt that you are the best candidate for this.
    Peace and love ma cherie

  6. kuoh laura mai says:

    Aya is the best candidate for position of UN youth envoy
    She is a role model, an inspiration and a motivational drive for every African youth, her commitment Will transform minds to engage in the transformation of Africa.
    Go Aya….. you the best

  7. Cette nomination est une bonne nouvelle pour les jeunes du monde entier. Aya a une connaissance de la situation des jeunes et des defis auxquels ils font face. Son expérience dans la mise en place des stratégies d’engagement des jeunes et des gouvernements dans le processus de développement intégral. L’engagement des jeunes , la synérgie et la connexion des jeunes voilà ce que Aya a su promouvoir à travers AYM.

    Eugide Lalé Mbunda
    Fondateur de PAF-AFRICA
    Partnership for Food Security in Africa
    Et volontaire pour PADS RDC
    Programme d’Actions pour le Développement Soutenable
    Et Cofondateur de BIM SARL
    Business Investment Management

  8. Heanneah says:

    Aya appointment will make a great difference for youth across the world.

  9. Aya you’re the best! you are a Tunisian pride <3

  10. Mariam Jalabi says:

    Yes, please!

  11. Aya is the best possible candidate for this position. With little to no resources at all, she has been able to achieve exceptional results. I can’t even begin to imagine what she will be able to do as the UN envoy for Youth.


  12. All the best my dearest friend and comrade.