Trust: The Fight to Win It Back

7,000 young Tunisians have joined Daesh1 in Syria, constituting the largest foreign fighters’ group to date (The Soufan Group, 2015). My 22-year-old cousin could have been among them. He explained that

How To Challenge The Power Of Middle-Aged Men

How do younger generations go about challenging the power centres of middle-aged men? Through active citizenship, international activist Aya Chebbi suggests. Last year, the list of the 100 most influential

How can we use our voice more effectively?

Take young people as an example. Last year I researched youth radicalisation, carrying out a comparative study between Al-Shabaab’s recruitment in Kenya and Daesh’s recruitment in Tunisia. My most importanisation narrative

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Who is Aya?

Aya Chebbi, an award winning Pan-African feminist activist and renowned blogger. She is the founder and chair of Afrika Youth Movement, building one of Africa’s largest movements taking the agenda of African youth from the margins of society into the centre of regional and international discourse. More


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