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Growing with the Revolution | Aya Chebbi | TEDxMünster
Aya Chebbi Speech at the United Nations | UN Women 2015 #CSW59
Mobilizing Youth to Silence Guns by 2020 in Africa - Security Council Briefing
Aya Chebbi Keynote at Silicon Valley - Tech & Refugees
Aya Chebbi | Youth Radicalization & Violent Extremism
Feminist Talk at UNLEASH Festival - Aya Chebbi
Aya Chebbi...
activist, radical, mentor and revolutionary.


Pan-Africanism & Everything Africa
AC talks about Africa’s narratives, history, integration, governance etc. and offers a critical view of African leadership & her concept of Intergenerational co-leadership
Feminism & Gender Equality
AC provides a gender lens to all fields & shares her story of an unapologetic feminist
Youth Empowerment & Leadership
AC shares her expertise that has impacted the lives of over 1 million young Africans, her travels to over 40 African countries working with young people at the grassroots
Activism & Movement Building
AC shares her strategies & stories on activism that has helped her build Pan-African movements & contribute to successful campaigns, uprisings & revolutions of dignity
Blogging, Social Media & Tech
AC provides practices, tools and examples of how to use social media for social change which she learnt from running her award winning political blog Proudly Tunisian


  • Aya, as a young woman, is an absolute inspiration to us Director-General of the World Trade Organisation
    Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
  • knowing how inspired, encouraged, comforted we are by the work you carry out, your stamina and drive! Merci Aya Former Governor General of Canada
    H.E. Michaëlle Jean
  • Aya Chebbi has really stepped up for leadership globally and her work is very hard, it's very imaginative, and the legions of young people and older people like myself who look to Aya for the direction that for example UNFPA will take Executive Director of UNFPA
    Dr. Natalia Kanem
  • I’ve known Aya for quite some time, I’ve heard her passionate advocacy for youth’s voices, her thoughts on climate change and Pan-africanism former President of Ireland
    Mary Robinson
  • A leading voice for young people in Africa, she is encouraging others to mobilise for peace and social justice
    The Guardian
  • Aya Chebbi was already a popular youth activist, feminist and blogger. She caught the world’s attention for her uncompromising peaceful activism and involvement in the Tunisian revolution, which changed the political discourse of that country
    New African Magazine
  • As the youngest diplomat in the African Union Commission Chairperson’s cabinet, Aya Chebbi is galvanizing the collective power of the youth in Africa
    Forbes Africa
  • A decade after risking her safety in the pursuit of democracy and human dignity in Tunisia, Aya Chebbi is a global advocate fighting for youth empowerment, gender equity and human rights. She has continuously worked to grow the Pan-African movement and intergenerational dialogue to advance inclusion, peace and prosperity across the continent
    The George W. Bush Presidential Foundation
  • Aya Chebbi is an inspirational young activist that has been a trail blazer on what youth and female leadership can look like
    Global Citizen