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Aya Chebbi - PanAfrican TV Interview

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Pan-African TV

Blogger Aya Chebbi says Tunisia protests are "spontaneous"

TRT World spoke to Tunis-based blogger and activist Aya Chebbi who said the protests are "organic and spontaneous" and that arresting demonstrators may not solve the problem.

TRT The World

Aya Chebbi - Africa Youth Movement, Tunisia

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25th of September - A Global Day of Action

MODERATOR: Mitchell Toomey Director UN SDG Action Campaign SPEAKER: Aya Chebbi Co-founder The Voice of Women Initiative and founding Chair of the Afrika Youth Movement Salina Sanou Head of Policy & Advocacy ACORD Oli Henman Global Coordinator of Action for Sustainable Development "The Global Festival fo Action is the world's most inspiring annual #SDGs gathering, powered by the United Nations SDG Action Campaign @SDGaction #SDGglobalFest #ACT4SDGs @SDGglobalFest"

UN Press Conference

Aya Chebbi - UN Advisor and Founder & Chair of Afrika Youth Movement

Uploaded by Fundación Rafael del Pino on 2018-10-02.

Fundación Rafael del Pino

International Republic Institute Global

Action Aid Denmark Podcast

Queen Things Podcast

Aya Chebbi Interview by PPR2011

The Poetic Portraits of a Revolution project (PPR) has sent nationally-renowned spoken-word poets and youth educators Kane Smego and Will McInerney, along with project translator and interpreter Mohammad Moussa and professional photographer and videographer Sameer Abdel-khalek to the streets and communities of Egypt and Tunisia.

Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

30 days of beauty - Aya (Tunis)

Aya tells us about her view of beauty and how she perceives the beauty image in her country (Tunis)

30 days of beauty

A touching littte statement from little Aya Chebbi. Tracy Chapman's tune, 'Talking About a Revolution' can be considered a cliche, which is what I first thought when she mentioned it to me, but throughout this project if one can justify the music to the interpretation of that song, and in a fluent and persuasive way, then its valid.

Sound and story

SOAS Radio

Radio France Internationale

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