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Three Young Africans breaking new ground

Nelson Mandela said “Difficulties break some men but make others” which means that when you are faced with a dilemma or challenge you either choose it to break you or

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Growing up in a conservative family in Tunisia, Aya Chebbi was first noticed because of her political blogs during protests that eventually led to the ousting of Zine al-Abidine Ben

PanAfrican TV Interview 2018

The Leading Pan-African Activist

Africa is a young continent because a large population of its people are youth. The future of the continent lies on the power of the youth hence the youth must

I was always a rebel who stood up for my rights

  Growing up in a conservative family in Tunisia, Aya Chebbi was first noticed because of her political blogs during protests that eventually led to the ousting of Zine al-Abidine

Youth Fight Inequality Statement

 BUILDING THE YOUTH FIGHT INEQUALITY ALLIANCE “Our Voice, Our Power, Our Solidarity” In May 2018, young activists, artivists and organisers from movements and organizations around the world convened in a three

Y-PHEM 2018 Class

These are our selected Y-PHEM Class of 2018 Mentees. Congratulations!

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Y-PHEM 2017 Class Testimonials

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  • My experience with Y-Phem was amazing! I would highly recommend it to everyone. It was the kind of support I needed exactly at this time of my life. I might not know where I want to be yet but I know that I’m on my way. This journey with Y-Phem program helped me to find that way. So grateful.
    Basma Yahya
  • The biggest benefit of the mentorship for me was connecting with Aya Chebbi as I have been and still a fan of her work and her accomplishment. Aya is very down to earth, humble and funny. I loved how she made me feel comfortable and I could say anything to her.

    The African Union conference, Aya nominated me to attend, was an eye-opening experience, meeting people from across Africa. I used to stereotype African people (like most Tunisians) until I realized I'm one of them and that I'm African too. We had so much in common and I enjoyed hearing their stories and sharing mine.

    Feriel Arbi
  • I came across it when Aya posted it on her page, and when I read the description of the program...

    I felt like I needed this program because I was in a bad space; I just graduated recently, was not sure of what to do next, and was feeling down because of all of the stress that I endured throughout my studies, and so on and on. So I applied and got accepted...

    I wanted to gain a lot from the program, by that I mean I had the chance to be mentored by an amazing activist and leader, all I needed was to focus and work on myself in order to benefit from the mentorship...

    If it wasn’t for this program I would have still being lazy, depressed and lacking energy, now I am an energetic active person who is full of determination.

    Maroi Ech-Charkaouy
  • I wanted to make some changes in my life and to get out of my comfort zone so I decided to enroll in Aya’s program. This mentorship allowed me to reflect on myself and to widen my perspective through the monthly assignments we had to fill.

    It also gave me the opportunity to meet inspiring African activists during African Union Commission Consultation, Aya nominated me for. Interacting with Aya was very informative.

    She is a role model and a great leader. She doesn’t give you ready answers but she pushes you to find your own voice and to shape your own path by giving valuable advice and feedback.

    During this couple of months, I realized that my voice matters and that my contribution is needed. As a result, my vision of how I can make a difference has become more clear and I feel more empowered

    Arij Hamouda
  • I had the urge of continuously developing myself, Y-PHEM offered that opportunity and much more, despite the fact that it came in a very busy phase in my life, I wanted to do so many things and I did not know from where to start, so I thought the Mentoring program would help.

    We had to complete some assignments on time which was challenging when it comes to time-management, but very rewarding from development perspective. In a world where outwardly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience and integration.

    Y-PHEM brought us to work side by side with decision makers, chairwoman/chairmen and organizations delegates to discuss and solve major youth/society issues.

    I encourage everyone to apply for the Program because there’s a lot to learn from Aya and AYM, it was a life-changing experience, Y-PHEM2017 was definitely a success.
    Ahmedaeie Belgouthi
  • It is often said that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. I got to a stage in life where I wanted to do so many things, with no idea where to start from.

    The past few months has given me the opportunity to reevaluate my life goals, ask myself some tough questions I’ve never had time to ask and start putting real plans in place to achieve my life goals. In the end, I have come out more confident, well-organized and energized about the future than before.

    This is an opportunity everyone must endeavor to grab. I am most grateful to Aya for taking me through this moment of self-discovery, and for taking me a step closer to my dreams.

    Richard Kweitsu
    Ghana - UK

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Aya Chebbi, an award-winning Pan-African feminist activist, and renowned blogger. She is the founder and chair of Afrika Youth Movement, building one of Africa’s largest movements taking the agenda of African youth from the margins of society into the centre of regional and international discourse. More


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