“The Africa I want is where we own our narratives because our struggle is a struggle for voice”

“The Africa I want is where we value our youth as divers not subjects of development”

“The Africa I want is where we value the contribution of women”

“The Africa I want is where transnational solidarity can liberate us”

“The Africa I want is where the Sahara is a place to bridge us not to divide us”

Theory of Change

I radicalize youth into Pan-Africanism; because youth today are exposed into violent spaces, misogynist, discriminatory and racist spaces. I provide alternative transnational solitaire spaces of belonging that are nonviolent, inclusive, empowering to find purpose of voice, self-love and act as a community of changemakers.
I come from a generation that started the first 21st century peaceful revolutions, a generation that changed the course of history, and the way we use technology and access information, a youth movement that showed the world how to organise in new ways of activism and the way forward to our revolution is decolonization.
Political solidarity manifested in the liberation movements in the face of colonial powers, now our solidarity needs to be in the face of patriarchy because patriarchy thrives in corruption, occupation, capitalism, exploitation and abuse, because there is no pan-Africanism without feminism. I believe my liberation is your liberation when privileges of accessibility become rights for all.

Engage With


Pan-African Activism & Diplomacy
Afrika Youth Movement
Aya has traveled to some 30 African countries, supporting and working with thousands of women groups, artists and activists on youth empowerment projects and trained them in Mobilisation, blogging, leadership and non-violence.
Africa Inspire
Sick of the mainstream media negative portrait of Africa, diffusion of misinformation and under-reporting of key narratives, Aya curated the Africa Inspire Project to change the narrative about Africa.
AU Youth Envoy
The Chairperson of the African Union Commission appointed on November 1st, 2018, Ms Aya Chebbi as the first Special Envoy on Youth, with a mandate to serve as a representative of and advocate for the voices and interests of African

Blogging & Podcasting

  • CarthageBeat Podcast
    CarthageBeat is a bi-weekly podcast created by Aya Chebbi, as a leading source for Pan-Africanism to take your senses into the heartbeat of music, culture and politics informed by African worldview.
  • ProudlyTunisian
    An award winning Pan-African activist, feminist and renowned blogger.
  • Madame Gandhi Southern Tour
    Sep 1 – Sep 16 I joined on 2017 Madame Gandhi Southern Tour, a feminist empowering tour with an inspiring Musician, electronic music artist and activist, former M.I.A drummer, Madame Gandhi.
  • Vlogs
    During her experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Georgia, the United States, Aya has created popular Vblogs to tackle stereotyping and bridge between different geographical regions through storytelling.
Youth Programme of Holistic Empowerment Mentoring (YPHEM)
Coexistence with Alternative Language and Action Movement
Peace Projects
For four years, Aya served as Programs Director for Africa
Voice of Women
This is the story of three African feminist bloggers who decided to make their privilege


Boards & Committees

  • Robert Bosch Foundation
    Inequality Advisory Group (2021-2023)
  • Kofi Annan Foundation
    Executive Board (2021-2023)
  • The Independent Panel
    for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (2020-2021)
  • Africa Public Health Foundation
    Council (2019-2022)
  • Oxfam High-Level Independent Commission
    on Sexual Misconduct (2018)
  • World Refugee Council (2016-2018)
    A Call to Action: Transforming the Global Refugee System
  • CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation
    Board of Directors (2016-2018)

Engaging with World Leaders