Counter Narrative

During her experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Georgia, the United States, Aya has created popular Vblogs to tackle stereotyping and bridge between different geographical regions through storytelling.

“ I have multiple identities, I find myself often stereotyped as an oppressed woman, a terrorist Arab Muslim or a North African disconnected from the continent, I decided to counter these narratives through Vblogging”.

Counter narratives about Arabs

What do you know about Arabs? | Georgia, USA

What do you know about Arabs? | Nairobi, Kenya

Counter narratives about Arab Muslims living in the US

This is a short documentary that was selected as semi-finalist for PLURAL + 2013 Youth Video Festival

Counter narratives about the Arab spring

What Youth across Africa think about 2011 Revolutions?

The Future of MENA

It’s “the Revolution of Dignity” not the “Arab Spring”

Counter narratives about terrorism

Do You Think Arabs are Terrorists? | USA

Tunisia after Bardo Attack – The Story unlike the News |  Tunisia

Counter- Narratives about women

“No Woman, Nuh Cry”

Message from Inspiring African Women