Afrika Youth Movement

“Many people ask me why do you think you’re African! not because I was born in Africa, but Africa was born in me”

Aya has traveled to some 30 African countries, supporting and working with thousands of women groups, artists and activists on youth empowerment projects and trained them in Mobilisation, blogging, leadership and non-violence.

“ I realized the gap in coordination among youth movements working in silos and the post-colonial divide. I decided to create a platform to bridge North Africa with the rest of the continent, I created a Facebook Group and added 500 of the most inspiring people I’ve met and this is how Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) was born”

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In March 2017 in Kenya, Aya organized the Premier AYM Retreat and brought together an African network of members, organisations and young leaders to set direction for movement’s engagement at the grassroots, national, regional and international levels.

Aya also organized Afrika Youth Empowerment Forum on the SDGs and African Union Agenda 2063 providing a platform for youth to get their voices heard on international processes. She mobilized 70 young changemakers from 19 countries in Africa and the diaspora, many of whom represent grassroots initiatives, to participate in creating a new model of youth forums to engage with the United Nations and the African Union.

Aya ensured participation from South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Ghana, Tunisia and Tanzania among others with no external funding, mainly by maximizing strategic partnerships, members’ mobilization through their organizations and communities.

Afrika Youth Movement? at Mo Ibrahim Foundation? Governance We…

Afrika Youth Movement at Mo Ibrahim Foundation Governance Weekend #MIFMaroc To watch full intervention on Youtube click here

Aya has worked tirelessly to create this robust process where youth can add their voices to international discourse on the implementation of the Global Goals.

Her leadership as Chair of Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) for the past three years, has given direction to the movement and raised the engagement to reach over 10,000 members in 40 countries across Africa and the diaspora.

Marion A Osieyo, Development Expert , UK, “ As AYM Chair, Aya demonstrated an example of servant leadership. She is constantly inspiring, affirming and achieving”.

Daniel Nwaeze, Media Expert, Nigeria, “Aya’s approach to leadership has been highly inclusive and gives everyone a sense of ownership and fulfillment. She ensures the involvement and participation of young people at every level of the conversation”